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Physical Property Data

(Wood-Flour Plastic Composites)

Injection Molding Grades: Average Properties 70% resin / 30 % Wood Fiber



                  Property                                                                  Data*              ASTM Method

 Density (g/cm³)


 MVI @ 190º C/3.80 kg (cm³/10min.)        12.7  D1238
 Mold Shrinkage (%)     0.62  D955
 Tensile Strength (psi)     4,092  D638
 Tensile Modulus (psi)     483,000  D638
 Tensile Elongation (%)     4.4  D638
 Flexural Strength (psi)     7,211  D790
 Flexural Modulus (psi)     331,700  D790
 Notched Izod Impact (ft-lbf/in)     0.825  D256A
 Rockwell Hardness (L Scale)     88.6  D785
 Heat Deflection Temp. (@264 psi)    201º F  D648

 * Tests were performed at an independent test facility under laboratory conditions following the guidelines established in the ASTM methods listed.


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